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Are You Tired Of Working For Someone Else? We Create Business Owners.

Be your own boss. Take control of your future. Enjoy the lifestyle that you want.
What is freedom? Being able to do what you want, when you want, with who you want, whenever you want…. How?

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Our Simple 3 Step Process…

Exploring Business Options Does NOT Have To Be Time Consuming

Step 01

Get to know the true you!

Our consultants get to know the true YOU on our introduction call to determine the best options for you out of the 400 franchise businesses we represent.

Step 02

Personality test

We provide you with a FREE personality assessment and our Confidential Questionnaire. The results are run through our proprietary franchise selection software matching you with 3-5 options that best suit you.

Step 03

Select a franchise

We then present these options to you and if you feel any of them are viable we then help you through the discovery process. Should you move forward with a franchise we provide additional ongoing franchise and business coaching if desired. Again, there is no cost to you for our service! We are paid by the franchise.

Our Certified Senior Franchise Consultants Teach You The Best Questions To Ask Franchisors In The Video Below

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How we create business owners

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Now is the time to take back control of your life

We know what it's like to have a corporation control you... to determine if you have a job in the future... how much money you will make... how many hours you work, and even where you live.

We know the feeling of a company taking all your hard work and dedication… and simply discarding you when they done needing your services.

Natalie Gold

Natalie Gold, Senior Franchise Consultant

Find A Business Online

Lucky for you there’s a proven path to take back control of your life.

We’ve been supporting thousands of corporate executives just like you to achieve TRUE financial freedom or diversification through Franchise Ownership. Our proven process ensures that you find the right business that suits your needs, your lifestyle, and especially your family. Though it may be hard to believe now, your path to long term financial freedom (without making the sacrifices that corporate life demands) is right at your fingertips.


Dan Claps, Founder

Find A Business Online


Stephen Williams- Senior Franchise Consultant


Richard Finley - Senior Franchise Consultant


Christian Dadulak - Senior Franchise Consultant


Kim Stracynski- Senior Franchise Consultant


Mary Kate Gough - Senior Franchise Consultant and Director of Marketing

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Micah Stopperich- Senior Franchise Consultant

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Derek Santos- Senior Franchise Consultant


Tim Smith- Junior Franchise Consultant

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Nichole Iannicelli- Junior Franchise Consultant

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Brianna Mignano- Junior Franchise Consultant

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Gabriela Romero- Junior Franchise Consultant


Arielle Furio- Junior Franchise Consultant


Robert Tikhonov- Project Manager

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DJ Martinez- General Manager

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Learn The Best Questions To Ask During Validation In The Video Below!

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Own Your Financial Destiny With Franchise Ownership

We are Find A Business Online, your #1 resource to discover how to become a successful Franchise Owner.

Our priority is to give you the highest quality tools, strategies, and guidance so you can make informed decisions when it comes to finding the perfect fit franchise for you, your family, and your lifestyle. We know how important it is to build a safe and secure financial legacy, one that doesn’t involve an unreliable and demanding corporate job.

There’s never been a more exciting time than now to build true wealth through franchise ownership!

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Awesome Client


I had a lot of fun working with my Find A Business Online Franchise Consultant. When my wife and I decided it was time to get out of the corporate world, exploring franchises seemed daunting. Find A Business Online made it fun. I enjoyed watching their comical education videos and content on their site. They made me feel comfortable to reach out to them. My consultant Natalie was really professional and listened to what I did and did not want. It's nice that they make the research enjoyable.


They Listened! I was assigned to a Franchise Consultant who spent their time actually listening to what I wanted in a business and did not want. I was not sure if franchising was for me. Joe did not push any franchises on me. Instead, he actually took the time to determine if I was a fit for business ownership or not. I am glad I was!


The Personality Profile test was so accurate - Find a Business Online provided me with a free personality profile test that allowed me to see what skills and attributes would make me a successful franchise owner. My consultant used this test and other forms to determine franchises suitable for me. I ended up moving forward with a service-based franchise.

Click Play Below To See How We Matched Jeff With The Perfect Franchise 

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Shan Had Interviewed Many Consultants. Click Play Below To See Why He Chose Us!

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 Matt Knew He Wanted To Own A Business But Did Not Know What. Click Play To See How He Found The Perfect Fit

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Frequently Asked

What Will This Cost Me?....... Our Service Is Absolutely Free

We are similar to a real estate agent

  • We get paid by franchise companies to find high caliber potential candidates like yourself.
  • Our consultants get paid by the marketing dollars franchise companies set aside for them. The only investment you would make is into a franchise should you find the right one but it does not cost you any more or less to work with a consultant vs researching on your own.
How Much Time Will This Take?......... Very Little Time

We can take as little or as much time as you want or need. We communicate via phone or email and work around your schedule and timeline. We do not need much time from you to be effective. We are experts at communication.

Executives Make GREAT Franchise Owners?……. You Managed Someone Else’s Employees. Why Not Manage Your Own?
  • Let’s face it, if you come from a corporate background you are used to managing people and processes.
  • That is what owning a franchise business is all about. In most franchises you will not be doing the day to day operations. Your role is to work ON your business not IN your business.
Grow Your Brand And Hire The Right People To Run It

Do I Have To Buy A McDonalds?....... Franchise Ownership Is Not Just Food!

While we are happy to help you find food franchises if this is of interest to you. There are MANY other business industries that may be better suited.

  • We represent franchises in over 40 different categories. Our proprietary franchise match making software will find not only what you will be great at but also find you something you are passionate about. The Goal? Find A Business Online that is your perfect fit.
Find Your Passion and Find Your Purpose

Why Not Just Start A Business Myself?....... Be In Business FOR Yourself But Not BY Yourself Via Franchise Ownership!
  • Did you know 80 percent of small businesses fail within the first 3 years?
  • While 80 percent of franchise businesses succeed within the first 3 years!
  • 18 percent of corporate executives have thought about franchise ownership.
  • It is statistically proven that corporate executives are better suited to follow a franchise model vs trying to recreate the wheel themselves.
  • Franchise ownership allows you to plug and play! This allows you to potentially grow to MORE franchises vs owning only one business.
You Can Own Multiple Territories To Build Wealth

Why Buy A Franchise If I Have A High Paying Job?....... Franchise Ownership Can Often Be Run Absentee!
  • Many of our clients maintain full-time jobs while still owning a franchise business as a passive income vehicle
  • There are many franchises that can be run semi-absentee, from home or by “managing a manager
  • Most importantly what if you get fired? Did you know that the average person only stays in a job for 2.5 years now? Soon enough, they are back on the job sites looking for their next gig.
  • Owning a franchise provides more income security these days then the good old JOB.
Tired Of Being Stuck In An Office? Take Matters Into Your Own Hands
Can I Sell My Franchise Business In The Future?....... YES !!!
  • What is better? Owning a home or renting? OWNING of course because someday you can sell your home for a profit. If you are working for someone you are renting a salary. When you leave your job, you can not take the salary with you.
  • When you own a franchise business you are building equity and wealth within the most important people, YOU and your family
  • After building your franchise or multiple franchise businesses you can sell them typically at 3-5 times their profit as an exit strategy and or retirement strategy. Build wealth under your franchise business.
Many Clients Sell Their Franchise After Building It Up
Why Do I Need A Franchise Consultant To Help Look For A Franchise?.......
You Do Not But Why Not Leverage A Professional’s Talents?
  • Like a good Financial Advisor, a Franchise Consultant knows the market far better than the average person
  • A Franchise Consultant provides guidance on the ups and downs, ins and outs and positives AND negatives of owning a franchise business
  • A Franchise Consultant can save you time, Instead of filling out endless forms online, they have the information at their fingertips.
Franchise Ownership Is Not Right For Everyone But For Many, It Is The Greatest Change They Ever Make

Franchise Ownership Is Not Right For Everyone But For Many It Is The Greatest Change They Ever Make

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Our Vision & Mission

To Connect The World To Freedom Through Franchising.

We are committed to helping as many people as we possibly can identify if business ownership is for them or not. If it is, we are determined to find the right business, at the right time for our clients. This service and resource is and will always be free for our clients.

Exploring the potential of business ownership should not have to be something that is done alone. We envision a new marketplace for aspiring entrepreneurs interested in business ownership. We do this through a systematic approach rooted in process and procedure. Getting to know our clients fully prior to presenting franchise concepts is our key differentiator. We are a Franchise Consulting Company but with a very unique approach. We are here to serve both individuals and investment groups including private equity interested in exploring franchise ownership.

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